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The Worcester Greenstar range has suffered from one or two little issues since they were launched back around 2005.
Most of the boilers affected by the issue mentioned below were mainly the Junior/Si as far as I know. This is a very common problem.

This issue presents itself as a little leak from the left hand manifold or “flow unit”, as Worcester likes to refer to it as. This component fails resulting in a leak.

The manifold is made from plastic, located on the bottom left hand side of the boiler and is holding mains pressure water on this inside.

So if your boiler is leaking steadily from the left hand side, and the appliance is not loosing pressure then this is most likely the cause of the issue. This is a leak from the mains water supply which means you’ve got an unlimited supply of water and the appliance will keep leaking until you isolate the water supply to appliance and get the component replaced.

If your boiler is leaking from the left hand side and is loosing pressure, then the cause of the problem is probably something else.

I carry the flow unit as a stock item for repairs on the Worcester Greenstar range.

Now if your boiler happens to be leaking from the right hand side then you need to have a look at this page for possible causes (link to be added).

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