Things to check first

Before calling an engineer out to have a look at an issue with your boiler, be sure to check a few basic things first. You could potentially save yourself some money and time by checking to make sure you’re not calling someone out for something simple.

System pressure

Many combination boilers have an inbuilt pressure switch or sensor that shuts the appliance down if there is insufficient pressure in the system.

If you have a combination boiler then it will be on a sealed system. On most appliances there is a pressure gauge indicating if there is any pressure in the system. When the system is cold you want the pressure to be between 1 and 1.5 bar.

Gas supply

is the gas turned on. If you have a prepayment system check to see if there is credit available. If your credit has run out you need to turn the gas mete back on by following the instructions it gives you.

Fault code

Most modern appliances display some sort of fault code when something is wrong. Often its a number followed or preceded by a letter(s). Sometimes it is just a series of flashing lights. Usually you can check the definition of a code or series of flashing lights by referring to the user guide or installation manual of the appliance.

Most manuals are available to download for free from the internet if you do a google search. If you are able to determine what the boiler is trying to tell you, then you can often fix the problem yourself when it comes to issues like low system pressure, or insufficient gas for example.

If you need to call an engineer out then giving them information relating to the fault can only help.

I hope this information helps.