Boiler maintenance – servicing

gears_iconModern boilers aren’t cheap to replace and require maintenance, so it makes sense to get the right person to service your appliance. I specialise in boiler repairs and maintenance, this is what I do. I am independent which means that I am free from the time constraints that are placed upon employees, which means that your boiler gets all the time that is needed to make sure it gets a thorough service or repair.

Time slots and after hours appointments

timer_iconUnlike most companies, I can usually offer fixed time appointments or narrow time slots which means you don’t have to wait in all day. If a time slot is booked I always let my customer know when I am on route. The nature of the job means that sometimes a job will take a little bit longer than expected, but I always keep my customers updated.

Annual reminder

calendar_iconI appreciate people are busy and its easy to forget when things are due. For this reason I offer convenient reminders to customers that need their boilers servicing annually, which means you don’t have to worry about when your boiler is due for its next service. Most customers find this very useful.

Save money

money_iconI have learnt many cost saving techniques over the years. Much of this was used to save my company money when I was an employee in the insurance sector, but now I use what I have learnt to save my customers money. I specialise in boiler maintenance and I fully understand how boilers work and what they need on a service to keep them running sweet. This means that my customers boilers don’t break down due to maintenance issues which are often overlooked. I offer boiler servicing from as little as £50 depending on the type of appliance.

Trusted quality service

thumbs_up_iconTradesmen and companies in this trade often forget that what they actually provide is a service. Turning up late or not at all is unacceptable. Every year I provide my customers with a service they know they can trust and depend on. I always let customers know when I am on route. The nature of this business means that sometimes a job may take a little bit longer than expected. For this reason I usually offer flexible narrow time slots(usually during busy periods) and always let a customer know if I’m running later than expected for any reason.

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