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I specialise in boiler maintenance, including the service and repair of Ideal boilers. I am familiar with most domestic natural gas models manufactured by Ideal including the popular new Logic range. I am very familiar with the following common but now obsolete Ideal boilers including the Classic, Mini and the slightly less popular Isar, Icos and Istor. I carry Ideal spares for service and repair.

Common problems with the Ideal Logic
Common problems with the Ideal Isar
Common problems with the Ideal Mini
Common problems with the Ideal Classic

Common problems with the Ideal Logic

Flow turbine failure/leaks

The Logic is a big improvement of it predecessor the Isar/Icos. The most common problem I have found with these boilers is the flow turbine for the domestic hot water fails which results in no hot water. They also tend to leak a lot which sometimes damages the hall effect sensor which sits on top of it. This also results in no hot water. When they leak you can just replace the O ring seal which is sold separately. When the turbine starts to fail you may find that you have to run the hot tap quicker to get the boiler to fire up. Eventually it stops working altogether. Below is an image of a flow turbine which has been leaking for some time.

flow turbine

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Common problems with the Ideal Isar

Printed circuit board

This is one of the most common problems with the Ideal Isar/Icos/Istor. When the printed circuit board(pcb) fails the boiler appears seemingly dead with no signs of life as though there is no power going to it. Nine times out of ten the transformer on the circuit board burns out causing the board to fail altogether. This results in a dead boiler with no heating and no hot water. Below is an image of a failed printed circuit board from an Icos.

ideal icos failed printed circuit board

FL fault code

The FL fault code on the Isar/Icos/Istor means “flame loss” or “loss of flame” and relates to a problem with the ignition process. This means that the burner has failed to ignite or failed to stay alight. On boilers this can be caused by many different components. On the Isar/Icos/Istor this usually relates to a dirty spark electrode(lights the gas) and or ionisation probe(detects the flame). Over a period of time the electrode and probe get fouled up with deposits which have similar properties to glass. Glass doesn’t conduct electricity very well and the they stop working eventually. This fault can also be caused by a blocked condensate trap. This fault usually starts with an intermittent fault code until the point where it cannot be reset. Often there is a loud bang when the boiler fires up known as explosive ignition. This issue is something that can be prevented with an annual boiler service. What does a boiler service involve?

Blocked condensate trap

The Isar/Icos/Istor are all high efficiency condensing boilers. They have a condensate trap which is poorly designed and is prone to getting blocked with bits of aluminium from the primary heat exchanger. The trap is something that can be cleaned on a service(albeit not very easily), but sometimes they still block between services. The boiler will start making banging noises when it fires up until the point when the boiler stops working and you are presented with the FL fault code.

Diverter valve

Another slightly less common issue is exclusive to the Isar combi boiler which relates to the diverter valve. The Isar has a permanent preheat function. The preheat function keeps the water inside the heat exchangers hot, these boilers use this function to indicate when a tap is running(when the temperature drops). Unfortunately when the diverter valve fails the heat exchangers cannot reach the desired temperature as most of the heat slips past the valve into the central heating circuit. This fault causes the radiators to heat up without a demand and also results in poor hot water.

Other issues

To be honest the Isar, Icos and Istor are not great boilers. The one with the most components seems to be the worst which is the Istor, with the Icos generally being the least problematic of the three. All boilers have their own little inherent design problems, but anything can go wrong on this particular range. Other common problems include issues with flue seals, fans, heat exchangers and pumps. Spare parts in general are not cheap. I don’t cover repairs on the Ideal Istor. As far as I know the manufacturer still offers fixed price repairs for around £275 which covers everything apart from the bottom half of the boiler. Repairs on this appliance are generally not cheap and from my experience customers are usually better off going down this route.

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Common problems with the Ideal Mini

Printed circuit board

Most of these boilers I come across have two printed circuit board’s, some only have one. Of the versions with two boards the most common problem seems to be with the ignition pcb failing. When these fail the fan cycles on and off and nothing else happens.
Below is an image of a failed board next to a new one. The resistors are usually what fail, they turn a brown colour.


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Common problems with the Ideal Classic

The Ideal Classic is one of the most reliable standard efficiency boilers you could ever own. The balanced flue versions only have one moving part. Of the fan-flued versions the most common issue I tend to come across is with the fan itself. This type of boiler is what you refer to as a “negative pressure” boiler. The fan sits on top of the burner and sucks the flue gases out. They are subjected to a lot of heat and the bearings in the fan are prone to drying out and seizing. When this happens you might hear a slight buzzing noise resonating from the boiler. I always lubricate the fans when I service these appliances to help prevent this from happening.
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